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Our work for Athrun Pharmaceutical


We helped Athrun Pharmaceutical grow online by creating a professional website that attracted new customers and provided them with an optimized and pleasant user experience. We also created advertising content and marketing videos for their products on social media and we set up dedicated company accounts to facilitate communication among employees. Additionally, we created and designed invoices.

Athrun Management Cloud System

Product Description :

  • Daily, Monthly, Yearly Sales, Profit and Expense Report
  • Search Medicine, Customer, Purchase, Invoices by Its First Letter
  • Generate Report by Date Range and Many More
  • Due Payment Management
  • POS (Point of Sale) management
  • Sales Graph
  • Customer Management Module
  • Product Management Module
  • Supply & Purchase Module
  • Inventory Module
  • Financial Module
  • Easy Invoicing System

Athrun's website for displaying and selling medical products

Social Media Posts

Motion Design Video for Social Media